How Mouse Saved Me From Rambini

This is my friend Mouse. Or rather this was my friend Mouse from long ago when I lived at Rose and Zalman’s farm.

This story is all about unconditional love and unconditional love is love plus respect. When Tyrone and I lived at Rose and Zalman’s farm there were sheep. And the sheep were all part of the family. There were around six to eight sheep, the girls and one boy, Rambini.

Now the girls and Rambini lived on the farm all of their lives until they died of old age. Every year the girls would go into heat, Rambini would impregnate them and the babies would live until the fall and go away in the big truck and come back in small paper parcels as food. Although sometimes they kept a baby lamb and that lamb would then live on the farm all of her life and become one of the family.

Now just before the girls went into heat, Rambini could get a little rambunctios and when one of us was in the pen, either Rose Zalman or myself, with the sheep, feeding them some grain or granola, or giving them hay Rambini would watch to see if we had walked ourselves into a corner that we could not get out of and then he would come running at us and ram us into the boards. Thus Rambini. I’m going to say when he was younger he was gentler about it but as he got older he got a little more determined. Eventually he was separated into his own pen.

However one day I was down at the barn feeding the sheep in their pen. And I looked up and their was Rambini, he had a clear line to me and I was pretty much stuck where I was. As I was desperately looking around for an escape Mouse looked up. She saw my face looked straight at Rambini, saw that he was on a mission and no amount of convincing or cajoling was going to stop him and she stepped in-between me and Rambini and took the hit. Just like that, she stepped in and took the hit for me, there was no mistaking her intention and what she was doing. She figured she was bigger than me and it was gonna hurt me more so she took the hit for me. I was pretty amazed, it was a wonderful thing for her to do, actually if you think about it sheep or not, is was a pretty amazing thing to do for someone.

Mouse and I had spent a fair bit of time out in the field together. She was with her sheep and I was out there with them with my paints and canvases and paper painting them. Hanging out with them and learning from them.

Mouse was my favourite and kind of the lead. It’s almost like when you are sitting in a circle having a meeting or discussion. Everyone in the circle is an equal part but there is still someone who leads the circle. Mouse was a bit like that.

Mouse had spent a fair bit of time explaining to me/ or helping me to understand why sheep do what they do and how they live/what their belief systems are. Sheep are very smart. She was a good friend, part of my wooly family.

Thank you Mouse of so long ago. Because of Mouse I love You Sheep.

The question is: When I am going away how do I reduce anxiety for my dog or Animal Family member and myself?

So if you are going on a vacation. We, Me and the Animals suggest a couple of things. First sit down and have a talk with them, let them know how much you love them and that love will never change, that you are going away, how many sleep times you are going to be away. Who is staying with them, or where they are going or if they are on their own, whatever the plans.

Make every thing very clear and say over and over again how much you love them and when you get back you will bring or give them a treat/ go on an extra long walk together or that you will be very very happy to be home with them because you love them so much.

Number of sleep times is essential in this conversation as well as what is going to be going on with them. If they are staying home that is all good. Just be clear and loving, remember Love and Respect.

The other thing we suggest is good morning and goodnight messages.When you wake up and just before you go to sleep send them a loving message. Say their name, when sending a message always say or think their name first, this grabs their attention, then Mummy or daddy, or however you refer to yourself, loves you very much  thinking of you, have a good sleep, so many sleep times left. And what ever loving message you would love give them. 

It’s just like when you are thinking of someone you love and phone rings and it is them. We all receive wordless messages from one another.

If you know someone that travels and loves their pets and always feels sad or bad about leaving them behind please forward them this newsletter.

Making your loved one feel safe can alleviate naughty behaviour that can appear so it seems out of nowhere. There is no such thing as out of nowhere.

Love and Light


Staying Out All Night

After Tyrone got well and we moved out to Rose and Zalman’s farm. Tyrone grew about a foot and started staying out all night. That was really tough. I used to stay up all night worrying about him.

So I decided I needed to do something about it. So one night while I was lying in bed feeling panicky that something bad was going to happen to him I said God, Tyrone please please somebody just give me a sign so that I know you are okay. I can’t live like this lying in bed all night worrying about you.

And then in my head I saw a picture of Tyrone crouched sitting in the bushes with his friends. And along with the picture came the thought; I’m okay mom, I’m sitting in the bushes with my friends, we’re fine. Stop worrying and go to sleep.

And I did, I said thank you Tyrone for letting me know you are okay and I fell asleep. And from that day on whenever Tyrone stayed out all night he would send me a message, show me where he was with a picture and let me know he was fine.

And if I wanted to know something from him I would send him a question from my head and heart and he would answer me and I was back in, talking to the animals. However as an adult I had a lot more to relearn and so my adventures with my Animal Family was just beginning.

 Love and Light And Lots of Love because that’s what it’s all about when your talking to your Animals.

Christine Kowal and The Animals

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Tyrone was my first cat as an adult/student. When Tyrone was about two he got very sick. He had feleuk. At the time feleuk was a relatively newly discovered disease. There was no real treatment or specific medicine for it.

 We came home from the vet with vitamins, antibiotics and Science Diet prescription cat food.

 When I was little I used to read to our birds, Choopchick and Orinda, and they always new what I was saying to them. That little person talking to the animals and understanding them started to come back to me as I was putting together my plan of action to make my Tyrone well again and get our family through this crisis.

 So I decided he was going to get all of his vitamins, healthy cat food and antibiotics, And we were also going to do a morning, evening and if I could get home, an   afternoon pep talk. 

So every morning I would tell Tyrone how much I loved him and how strong he was and how he could get better but he had to work on it from the inside. He had to sleep and eat and take his vitamins and medicine and think about being well again and go to that place inside of himself where he was strong. That piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of him and get strong from there.

 And that I was here with him making him strong and sending him powerful Love and Caring and that together with God/Love/Universe/Creator he was getting stronger and stronger and healthier and healthier.

And when I spoke to him I could feel from him, or see a picture of how he was feeling that day. Sometimes he would let me know, or I could feel that he was just exhausted. Sometimes I could feel he was just sending me loving back and then I started to feel, on some days, that he was feeling better. And then there started to be more and more better days. And then he was healed and the feleuk was gone.

 About a year later we moved out into the country and Tyrone grew about a foot. When I had first gotten him he was quite small and prone to illness but once he got well. He got Really Really Well. And I started calling him Jungle Kitty and he started staying out all night. But that is another story.

When Tyrone and I went through getting him well I remembered how to talk to The Animals again. And it wasn’t that I had ever really forgotten, or for that matter stopped hearing them. But I learned to really listen and my heart opened up and we could speak to each other and I could hear him, or see the pictures he was sending me very clearly.

Love and Light  

Christine and The Animals

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