Christine Kowal Animal Family Feel The Love Wednesday Mr. Kangaroo

Mr. Kangaroo is very sweet and incredibly charming. Mr. And Mrs. Kangaroo have a new Joey.

Stacey MacDonald and I will be hosting an on line Community Call. If you would like to solve you Animal Family problems.

Join us.… Stacey MacDonald is an Angel Intuitive. And I Christine Kowal am an Animal Whisperer.

Love and Light  Christine Kowal and The Animals

‘What Can I Do For You’


‘What Can I Do For You’ by Christine Kowal

Acrylic and mixed media on Stonehenge paper, 9″ x 12″

As I prepare to get started on my journey with Marie Forleo -BSchool on Monday, I am cleaning house. The dogs and cats have been moving about the house making sure they are not where I am cleaning. Cleaning is a good way to blow out the old and bring in the new, but it can get a little messy and noisy in the process.

This lovely goose is our neighbour. The geese have been up very early these mornings talking as soon as they see us. Leo and I like to sneak out sometimes early in the morning so he can do his business, but we don’t take our normal route these days, because we don’t want the geese to wake everybody up. I asked them why so noisy, and their reply was that the weather is confusing them.  They’re getting ready for the spring, me to. The geese are our good friends.

Love and Light

Christine and The Animals