Power of Animals

Animals share their Gifts and teach us how to love others unconditionally. They are Pure white light inside. God made man the care taker of Animals. And Animals the messengers of God.


‘Handsome Leo’ by Christine Kowal, 16″ x 20″ oil paint on canvas


Love & Light of American Eskimo

Loyal Gentle Warrior

The Dog Warrior. The Loyal American Eskimo is loyal to one. And will follow that one to the ends of the earth and protect them in any and all ways that are required.

If separated from their one with love they will grieve but move on fully. If separated through fear or violence be careful of what you do the American Eskimo does not forget and lives fully in the past, present and future.

And here in lies their incredible strategy and strength they live love and do life from a place of understanding all the directions. Highly Intelligent and Highly Intuitive.

They are unbearably and beautifully gentle with the innocent. The American Eskimo Medicine/Power makes for Great teachers, gentle and aggressive, when needed, leaders as well as brilliant statesmen/ strategists.

The American Eskimo is pure of heart, enjoys a good life filled with love and will always do what is needed. Love and Understanding is their first choice. However should they be forced into a difficult situation or action they will do what is required without hesitation.

If you have American Eskimo Light all is well and You will always be safe in all situations. You understand past, present and future. So you are always prepared, always safe and always ready to move forward in love.

American Eskimo Love Action Loyalty And What Ever It Takes.

Love And Light Leo


‘Jasper The Bear’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Gentle Caring and Ferocious 

When Need Be

Black Bear is strong and free. Black Bears greatest enemy is man. Black bear has great reign over his territory. 

If you have the Love &Light of Black Bear some may fear you. Black Bear needs to feed and the cubs/children need to be protected for they are vulnerable. But those who know black bear well respect him/her. And Actually Black Bear often prefers to eat berries and vegetation

Those with Black bear Love & Light take care of their own and after that they are fair and peaceful to those around them, their community and with those whom they interact.

Black bear is grateful for others like him that keep things within their territory in a good way. Those around Black bear are grateful for his/her presence. For the mere presence of Black Bear makes many feel safe and looked after., for it keeps away many who would cause grief.

A Black bear will be heard should there be a problem. 

If you have black bear light you can probably eat practically everything, which is quite rare these days in our world. 

Black Bear The Gentle Giant. Perhaps it is his/her size that makes Black Bear Supreme and his/her Incredible Gentleness so unexpected or such a surprise but Gentle they are. 

Gentle Leader of their Territory. Gentle Giant in many many ways. Loved by their collogues, family and friends by the majority.  Feared by those who hurt them, treat them poorly and get eaten metaphorically. If you meet someone with Black Bear Love & Light sit in your truth and be nice. They will respect you for it.


‘Bunnies Bunnie Bunnies’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

The Bunnies

Very sweet, very determined and live in their own world. Happy to be part of ours but have their own games, life and agenda around what ever we are doing with them. 

I have found bunnies have very extreme ways of seeing life. The Dreamer, contemplative, does things a bit differently and needs time to him/herself and the super organized this is the way we do this exactly, team player. But they tend to get along, very social and good in groups.

Bunnies radiate Lots of Love.


One Lump or Two

The Love & Light of camel is no small feet wisdom. The wise old camel sees backwards and forwards an takes no shit kaka. 

The all seeing wise camel is not somebody you want to piss off he will always return the favor. Wise old camel sees and has seen it all and will always return the favor, good or bad.

Camel Light has been traveling with man for a millennia, much longer than history speaks of. It is not that wise camel has become cynical as some might suspect but rather that camel has seen it all stopped playing the big game with everybody else forever ago and now simply amuses him/her self and gives winks and nudges to it’s own kind knowing they too understand and are playing slightly different games from the rest of the Universe. 

Some may say camel has a dry sense of humor camel would just tell you he/she has seen it all and is simply a spectator of God’s children, taking part because he/she has nothing better to do. 

Camel has a nonchalance that we do not see in the other animals, however camels got your back even if he does seem a little pissy while he/she is doing it. Saving you what seems like begrudgingly is really camels way of showing love. Camel is kind of like a humanitarian out to save the world and will help the individual although with somewhat of a crusty manner while doing it, a bit like the fellow,            from ‘House’ for anyone who ever watched that television series. But don’t be fooled by camel somewhat or what seems to be acerbic (acidic nature) that’s all show. 

Camel’s got your back and loves her his children. I’m told is terribly romantic and will go to the ends of the earth and back to save you, mankind, other specie kind and he/she is simply done talking about. Camel is very loving and camels got your back just don’t expect him/her to go on about it. It’s just who they are one lump or two camel who somewhat begrudgingly love and light to all camel thinks quietly to him/herself. If it is up to me to save the world than so be it. 

I Trust

And Believe

Says wise Ancient Camel.


‘Jesus Healing Me While I Sleep’ by Christin Kowal, 16″ x 20″ acrylic paint on canvas
‘Cheaky’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Cats are Highly Sensitive to themselves and others. Many people who love cats or as people call them, Cat People have the light of cat within. The gate keepers or Protectors of cats themselves. 

The Light of Cats is very intense and can sometimes feel somewhat stifling to those around them. However their intensity allows them to get the job done or create whatever they want to create. 

Cat Energy is relentless and anything goes within reason. And that is dependent on the particular cat. Cats are also all about love but they do demand terms. They believe all good fair bargains involve Love. 

When you look at it that way it makes quite good sense. They play with their foe before  they eat them and consider that fair and good sport. 

Ther is also a great amount of confidence in a cat or cat person They do things because they truly believe although their courage may not be seen immediately by the naked eye because their actions when they are creating are not for others but for themselves. They do have their moments when a little show and tell is fun, but out in the public eye is just for sport fun.

They do their real work in private, Loving, sneaky and good hearted. A cat person almost always accomplishes their goal. 99.09999% of the time.


He Cat is wise, noble, sneaky and what some may call a magician or having magic in them. But this is not so or rather He Cat and She Cat both walk directly and are guided by the God inside of them. They ask  no question but prefer instead to have fun with God and live by his way. 

He cat is strong, true, sneaky and determined to have his way. He cat understands the situation, decides what he wants focuses on the God inside of him and then as directed by God inside. 

It is why he cat tends to get what he wants, unless he doesn’t. He Cat is visible only when he wishes to be seen or is absolutely comfortable. He cats lesson are over and over again to us humans is be who you truly are and live live unashamedly and with determination focus and love from the God inside of you. Amen

She Cat also lives from the light, God within. A wee bit less obvious than he cat, she cat also lives unabashedly from the God within but often with a bit more mystery. Always focused and living from her Inner Power,  God within.

She cat tend to be more secretive and less obvious than her. 

Sing it from the rooftop male counterpart.

She cats basic instinct and that means the God love inside of her teaches her a bit more quiet and community minded. After all she will often or naturally become Mama Cat and it is best to raise our children in a friendly and engaged community. 

She cat teaches us the love of God is always within, that is where the right answers come from.


Is often fun and playful and trusting at the same time learning game playing stealth and sneakiness and all coming from a place of love. 

Oh playful determined baby Kitten you are so sweet we can actually see the Lord Jesus shining out from your eyes. Jesus takes are of all of the little baby children. 


‘My Bunnie Caleb’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper


The Little Wolf

Loyal Family Oriented, community minded. Love Love, Love, Love, that is who what and where the Chihuahua is. Me Me Me You You You I Love. Powerful Medicine Chihuahua. The Little wolves love innocently and unconditionally for all of their lives. 

They Accept who and what others are and will include all into their family and community without prejudice of specie, color, race, culture or caste. 

They are fluid motion in action. They never shy away from forward movement or action. Their Motivation is Love. To them living life is living in the joy of life. Is living from Love, that piece of God, Love, Joy, Creator within. Fear is not so much part of their culture. But they will deal with it through action when it comes up. But we will say sometimes they’re love of all and joy in forward motion can sometimes lead them into the proverbial lions den.

So if your power medicine right now is Chihuahua just remember to stop once in a while or when entering a new venture or adventure and check your gut. You, the inside of You is always true.

There is no higher purpose or place than Love. God/Love/Universe/Creators’ purpose for us is Love.

And to dispel the myth Chihuahua medicine is never to noisy but they speak in greeting, to inform and to warn. 

If you have Chihuahua medicine/power you need other around you to love and love you back. And remember Chihuahua are not specie specific living beings are living beings and we are all filled with love. We can find our tribe in a forest or in a city or everywhere or anywhere.

You are a powerhouse. Love in motion. Miracles are easy peasy for people those with the power of Chihuahua. The wolves were the ones who first told me they are different from other Animals. They said the Chihuahua tribe is liken to themselves.

Caleb is a Chihuahua

Chiouiou’s are a different breed of dog. The wolves don’t tell me that they don’t really consider the chiouiou to be a dog, they think of them as another specie. 

Very determined and All about Love. They are the Love Bug. Caleb gives and receives Love constantly, but he is always giving and he expects to get what he wants because he understands the Law of Attraction. 

As odd as that may sound. Caleb, my chiouiou understands that if he keeps loving, he keeps feeling the flow and he stays focused with his eye on the prize it will come. And honestly it usually works that way for Caleb. He is a very good reason why we should all stay positive, focused and loving  and ignore anything that doesn’t fit that description.

It’s hard not to give into Caleb especially for his brothers and sisters and me and anyone else who may come his way. 

Love and Light is Caleb


‘We Are A Different Type Of Deer From Long Ago’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Deer. First a Story About The Power of Deer.

I was driving home last night from my sisters. We had a birthday dinner for my cousin from Edmonton. It was a big family dinner. I had an amazing time. As I headed out on my 2and half hour drive north I drove right into a great big lightening and thunderstorm. 

The sky’s just opened up. At times I was driving really slow because I couldn’t see in front of me. A while back this would have scared me but since driving back and forth and in all kinds of weather I’ve started to get used to it and I’ve taken to reciting The Prayer of St. Francis as I drive. It is a beautiful prayer that I will write out at the end of my story. 

Those of you who don’t know St. Francis of Assisi was the Patron Saint for all of the Animals, he began the Franciscan order. His prayer is beautiful and brings me peace and drives all fear away as I concentrate on saying the words in my head as I drive. 

As I was driving through a particularly dark area and I had slowed right down as it was pouring. I turned on my brites at the same time the sky lit up and there was a deer standing at the side of the road watching me drive by and the car behind me drive by.

He looked serene, he was just standing calmly in the pouring rain guiding us along.

He felt like a miracle, he just made me feel so safe and then I started to see all kinds of Animals standing at the side of the road as I drove by. And as the storm started to clear and I felt safe and guided and taken care of I was now seeing Animals disappearing into the fields eyes moving through the grass. I know that sounds funny it was a dark rainy night but there they all were and the lightening kept leading  my way and lightening up the sky and road. 

The Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord make me an instrument of thy peace.

That Where there is hatred, I will bring Love.

That where there is wrong, I will bring the spirit of forgiveness.

That where there is discord, I will bring harmony.

That where there is error, I will bring truth.

That where there is doubt, I will bring faith.

That where there is despair, I will bring hope.

That where there is shadow, I will bring light.

That where there is sadness, I will bring joyfulness.

Lord grant that I should rather comfort than be comforted.

Understand than to be understood.

Love than to be Loved.

For it is in self-forgetting that I remember.

It is in forgiving that I am forgiven.

And it is in eternal life that I am born to eternal life.

Thank you God, Thank you to All of the Animals for my Beautiful Drive Home through the thunderstorm.

The Love And Light of Deer

The Deer are magic makers on the earth. They took over from the Unicorns when man started to murder the unicorns for their flesh and horn and unicorns took their race and disappeared to another higher vibration, just as many different species including different tribes of man have done to avoid annihilation. Man is not always at his/her best when they play the game of life on this planet. 

The deer are here to guide us to holier places. God has made the deer so they multiply like bunnies though their life span is not necessarily so long so they do not have to stay here but rather they show man/humans glimpses or rather help man by presenting them with moments of feeling awe, divine light and that there is something far greater here at work that we know nothing or very little about the power of deer is to maintain the light of God, the miracle. What some perceive as the miracle and show us glimpses as we go through life so that we can maintain balance, trust and believe and always keep striving. If you have deer medicine or the power of the deer you are strong and brave in adversity. 

Your belief is never ending and unfaltering and you will either be shy possibly very shy and or as well you require quite a bit of alone to reboot. Thank you to those of you living with the power of the deer we sorely need you.


The Donkey 

‘Papa Donkey, Mama Donkey and Baby Donkey’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

The Power of The Donkey

Donkey Medicine is wise and patient caring and loving. Some may call donkey stubborn. But donkey is steadfast understands her/his own truth or right way and will not be swayed by impatient nosey impatient man. 

Donkey understands that there is a right and wrong way to peruse every situation and donkey remains steadfast in following his/her higher power and doing it the right way each and every individual time. Donkey although appearing to have the outward appearance of being quite independent  is actually very community and family minded. 

Although donkey appears to be doing his own thing independently and donkey is very confident and somewhat self-sufficient. He/she is highly aware of everybody around him. Donkey is a good body guard medicine. Doing his/her own thing but calling out loudly and getting in the way when something is a miss or when someone who is not supposed to be there or someone new arrives on the scene. And donkey is a unmovable source is he/she does not want to be moved.

Prove yourself donkey demands and prove yourself you must. And true of heart is something donkey demands. And of course family is everything, family is courage, strength and love. 

If you have donkey medicine family will always be in your heart, mind and spirit, and please remember our families are made up of all beings that we Love. If you have the power of donkey your heart is true, if you lose your way you are determined and hardworking and will soon find your way back. 

You believe in yourself, your inner noise or higher power or who you are, which ever way you want to look at it. Oh wise donkey you are good for yourself, your family and friends and coworkers as long as their intentions remains true. 

Donkey is no fool and won’t have anything or very little to do with them. Donkey can outmaneuver most as he is always on his path, even when he stumbles true to self. Love and Light Donkey.


‘Papa Donkey’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Gods Teaching through The Love of Papa Donkey 


‘Mama Donkey’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper


‘Baby Donkey’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Papa Donkey is strong and true. He will protect his immediate family and yours, if you are his people to the full extent. Papa Donkey takes no dukey.(kaka) That Grand stubbornness that he is known for is actually much greater than you suspect. There is no give once Papa Donkey makes up his mind.

Papa Donkey is very sexually active and we will also say very well hung or well equipped. He is a bit bossy but will take a message from his woman if she is in a mood or uninterested. Papa donkey is loyal as loyal is loyal does. As loyal as can be. 

If Papa Donkey is not agreeing with you . If donkey is not agreeing with you. You might be a while. 

Gods Love comes through Papa in his unconditional love and loyalty to his immediate family to his people that are also his family, to his community, those like him or of his specie. And to his work. 

Papa Donkey is very dedicated to getting his job done. To protecting and taking care of those he has been given to take care of. Here again Gods Love shines through so dearly. Papa Donkey is not specie specific. He is not prejudice against another specie. But does get pissed off when he someone is doing something stupid. 

Something that goes against his nature and what he is put on this planet in his donkey body to do and accomplish. We Love handsome true blue and strong.

Papa Donkey.


Master of the jungle master of the natural world in which it rules. Those that live in a natural environment with the great elephant have great respect for their big brother. The elephant the great elephant is master over his/her won domain. 

The Love and Light of ELEPHANT is Peace. Living from a peaceful powerful place respected by all other species of the world. The elephant medicine is caring loving, but don’t piss the elephant off his/her will is as big and strong as his physical body. Elephants enemy is man.

Elephant is strong and true. People elephant medicine require or usually travel with a strategy to avoid the mechanations or fear of man/woman. The fears of man/women. The fears of man/women is what cause them to work in a disingenuous or evil way. 

So elephant medicine people you are strong and pure do not fear the intentions of those humans who are afraid instead develop a good and safe strategy for yourself. 

As soon as elephant feels safe. He/she knows exactly what to do. So be repared if some one is pushing at you or trying to coerse or bully you. 

Excuse yourself, step outside. Breathe some air go to the bathroom pee or run cold water over your wrists. This brings the power of elephant right back. You are master of your Universe and you know exactly what to do. Do it master and ruler of your environment. 



‘Emu My Friend’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Emu how do you help your fellow man? How do we learn from your strength of heart. Power of your beautiful strong feathered bodies and strength of your both genders. 

Emu you love those who you are with. Emu teaches us to accept ourselves love ourselves and love our loved ones and family. Emu protects. Father Emu protects his eggs and his children. MM Emu works very hard at creating her babies. Finding and fighting for her mate and creating her babies eggs recreating her family. 

She perpetuates her family sometimes aggressively. This is her reason this her place. 

Mama Emu teaches us creation is the most important thing.

Picture Big Egg

Papa Emu teaches us protecting your loved ones Protecting your family, your young. 

Giving the innocent a safe or relatively safe place to grow up and be is the most important thing.

And remember everyone you love is your family. We us people are adults can work together to protect the young to give children all children a safe place to grow up. The Animals/Birds/Emu’s greatest lesson to us always through their different strengths is always unconditional love. That is who we all living beings are inside. We are a piece of God/Love /Universe/Creator inside and those Special gifts that are particular to us is what we share, how we love, how we communicate with the rest of the world. 

Papa Emu teaches us to love our young, keep them safe.

Live in Love for those who you care about

Serve their families.


‘White Fox Winter Time’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

Fox Wise and Wiley sweet and unassuming. If you have fox medicine you have a great capacity to be friend thy neighbor and thine enemy. 

Fox is not like most four legged with fur who are wild. Fox lives out in the wild in the city as well as the country. And as long as cute little fox is not consuming someone’s animals they are usually treated quiet well and often fed. 

Fox is like that distant cousin. It is hard to get close but if you do and you win foxes trust you will feel loved absolutely and completely. If fox is your medicine for this moment, for a project, or in life, than you are able to find your way into any and all places. 

Simply put you are accepted everywhere and if your choice is to cause grief you will be unceremoniously forced out. If your choice is to be the loving and caring take a step back you are welcome everywhere and quite literally able to create whatever you like Wise Wiley Sweet Fox.

Wise and Wiley I Am Fox

Me And My Family Live Alongside All The Animals Including  Man

I Understand that You And I Are Different

 I Take What I need For My Family and Myself 

I Am Fox


Goat you are strong and determined. You are a strategist. Goat can be a little perplexing and sometimes even annoying for goat is a strategist and always finds a way to get to what he/she,  she/he wants.

Goat is irresistibly cute and this is a huge part of her/his charm. When standing in front of goat or someone with goat medicine it is difficult to say no. So before any one knows what’s happened goat has got it done and has already moved forward and is on her/his way.

There are really very few barriers that goat will not eventually find his/her way through or around. 

If goat is your medicine today take heart and have faith in all that you do. You are a doer, and you do things your own way. Goat likes to play with others and has no prejudice. He/She is happy with other goats but he/she is also completely happy hanging out with Mr. Rooster or Mrs. Smith. Goat is specie inclusive. Differences to goat Simply make life richer.

Goat is very comfortable as he/she is and often spends a great deal of time with him/herself. Goat is very powerful and respectful of self and others.

Otherwise Goat loves and respects him/herself and therefore loves and respects the world. Goat can do anything he/she wants and go anywhere she/he likes and eventually be welcomed, even if it takes some perseverance and determination. 

If Goat is the Love and Light within you today you live your life from your within. You live life the way that is best for you and most love you and accept you for who you are. The others simply leave you alone. Very Powerful Medicine in our world.

Love and Light

Christine Kowal and The Animals


‘Goosey Goosey what would you like’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper,

Inquisitive, questioning, willing to take chances because he/she does not understand it as a chance but rather more things to find out about. Very clear about who he/she is and wondering what you would like, what you are doing in his her space and welcoming as long as you realize you are not the boss. The Geese very much rule their space and don’t even consider that that might look different.

Strong powerful birds with lots of attitude, always wanting to say hello and very territorial, in what ever territory they may be, they consider it theirs.

Strong Beautiful Birds, always willing to say hello but their space, their territory, their say where ever they may be. One would most definitely say bossy, or perhaps crystal clear.


‘Delilah’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper





Power of Lion

Lion Oh Wise Lion

King of Your Land Master of Your Universe

The wise and patient lion dominates his area, protects his pack and keeps everyone in line with his strength of will and strength of body. One swipe from lion can be the end. That is how lion is perceived as the king of the jungle.

However, for lion much of his/her power lies in knowing. Understanding when to watch, listen, see or be seen, when to walk away, when to be an ally or when to strike. A lions’ touch can be loving, can be a warning or can simply be to show you that he/she has the situation completely within their control. Even if it may not look that way.

Be assured if lion is your power at this particular time or in this particular project you are unstoppable. Once lion makes his decision the whole jungle is affected. Lions’ steps affect everyone around him/her. And lion sees all. For when lion is not in action in physical creation the lion is watching and strategizing.

A Lions’ roar is not like any other sound. You become part of the vibration.

Highly Intelligent and Highly intuitive. A power for good unless you have done wrong or it’s supper time and the cache is empty. Lion medicine is one of the most powerful way’s to do life. And lion always follows his own rules.

The only thing that lion consciously watches to avoid is the deceit of man/woman or a greedy and deceitful man/woman. However all seeing forever strategizing lion power Always wins one way or another.

Wise Wiley Beautiful Strong. King of the Jungle



Wise Wise Oh Wise One, Snow Macaque Monkey

The Monkey is a highly keen observer. Do not think they don’t understand or that they are acting irrationally. The wise monkey always watches.

The wise monkey is reacting not to what you are showing on the outside/surface. But actually wise monkey is responding to what is in your heart, and understanding, if your actions are inspired from love or fear. You can’t fool the wise monkey and wise monkey is not always easy to understand.

We see, believe and understand what wise monkey wants us to. Wise monkey tends to live life his or her own way. Enjoying life and understanding others’ truths and knowing how to manipulate in order to have their own wishes met.

Monkey would rather not engage with someone who does not respect them and they will work at creating a bad or crazy impression to get the disrespectful one away from them. A monkey sees all and shows only what they want the other to feel.

Monkey is wise and powerful medicine

Persistence and patience are virtues, although to anyone operating from a place of disrespect for the wise monkey, they will never understand monkey’s wisdom and monkey will always manage to get what they want from them.

We Love you wise monkey and thank you for your Power.

Thank you Boogie


‘Gentle Sheep’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

‘We Are All Light Inside’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper
‘Friend’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper

We Are Solidarity We Are Family

I Am Strength I Am Knowing 

I Am Peace I Stand as One With My Brother’s And Sisters


The Sheep

Strategic Gentle and Loving Lamb of The Earth.

 Thow is much wiser and much sharper in the ways of the world.

Than man doth give you credit for. You care for your young. You care for your flock and care for all that you love across the species. Sheep so often mistaken for being followers are actually creating strong Community.

And they will exclude those who they feel are weak and cannot fend for themselves for they feel they will be a possible week link and lead to the destruction of the whole.

Possibly as the homeless are treated on the street in human communities. With a large and every growing population in the big cities.

We are all loved and we are all loveable and worthy. We live primarily a gentle life and our goal is forwarding the family, which means paying attention to and being finely attuned to the love, power and nuances of the community. If your love and power is sheep today or in this moment then family, community and belonging, being part of the whole is strong for you today or in this project you are working on or in your life.

You are a strong and powerful creator. In your family, home, work or and community do not be afraid to shine and do not be afraid to do as others do.

Simply be yourself.

Love and Light  Ba Ba Ba Ba



‘Spider In The Sink’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper


‘Dangly Spider In RoseAnd Zalman’s Barn’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper


One that brings fear into mans heart. Sweet and playful spider for it’s always best when possible to play with those that are enlightened and living from love than those who function from a place of fear. And this is where spider power is the wisest.

Spider picks his friends and allies. Spider protects family and teaches the children, and is either not seen by his enemies or winds them up into his web of destruction.

Those with Spider Power at this moment or in this situation are feared by most, loved by those who are close and respected by their enemies.

Most who do not know him/her Spider give Spider a wide berth.

And those who have been lucky or privileged enough to see Spider’s playful nature are blessed. Spider medicine is true and strong and highly indestructible. Love and Light and Laughter.



Love And Light Wolf 


‘Love and Light Sisters’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper


‘Love And Light Wolf’ by Christine Kowal, 5′ x 7′ oil paint on canvas


 Gentle Playful Loving Wolf True of Heart Knows Your Intentions And Will Treat You Accordingly

Oh wonderful gentle loving wolf please come and play with me. Be with me for I know how kind and caring you can be. How wolf can open his/her heart in such a grand and loving way that you of wolf medicine see each and every cranny of my soul and love me forever more.

If you have wolf medicine your heart is true and pure and forever loyal. When you meet a wolf head on you must speak your truth, be as genuine as you can for wolf sees inside your heart your truth, who you are as well as your intention.

If you mean wolf and his family any harm or bad intention best to go elsewhere wolves purity of heart gives him permission to hurt those whose intentions are evil or fearful to him and those he loves- those that wolf love are his/her family. Family for wolf does not have to be a blood relative or even of the same specie,  but rather someone who is true of heart and true to wolf.

Wolf has no prejudice or preconceived notion or judgment of another. He/she simply sees it as it is exactly.

Also wolf medicine can be very sneaky with no malicious intent. Wolf is simply very clear. I am wolf and this is who, what and why I am. Without explanation wolf simply does it his/her own way and if there is a problem with that wolf will simply circumvent circumstances to get what requires getting done for him/her by him/her the right and best way and with no malice unless wolf is not feeling well wolf is always on purpose this means that wolf is on purpose 99.9% or the time.

Wolf medicine is strong, healthy and hearty. If your power is wolf you are courageous and true of heart you protect your loved ones family friend alike and you are a strong supporter of your community.

Rules seem silly to you for your connection to your higher power keeps you on track and doing the best for yourself and others. The Power of Wolf makes strong and powerful leaders.

And at this time in our world we will be seeing pure wolf medicine take the helm to guide and lead us out of the old ways of corruption. Wolf power is enlightenment with some good fun and play thrown in. Love and Light is The Powerful wolf as Long as your Heart is true.


‘Sisters’ by Christine Kowal, mixed media on paper