Tyrone was my first cat as an adult/student. When Tyrone was about two he got very sick. He had feleuk. At the time feleuk was a relatively newly discovered disease. There was no real treatment or specific medicine for it.

 We came home from the vet with vitamins, antibiotics and Science Diet prescription cat food.

 When I was little I used to read to our birds, Choopchick and Orinda, and they always new what I was saying to them. That little person talking to the animals and understanding them started to come back to me as I was putting together my plan of action to make my Tyrone well again and get our family through this crisis.

 So I decided he was going to get all of his vitamins, healthy cat food and antibiotics, And we were also going to do a morning, evening and if I could get home, an   afternoon pep talk. 

So every morning I would tell Tyrone how much I loved him and how strong he was and how he could get better but he had to work on it from the inside. He had to sleep and eat and take his vitamins and medicine and think about being well again and go to that place inside of himself where he was strong. That piece of God/Love/Universe/Creator inside of him and get strong from there.

 And that I was here with him making him strong and sending him powerful Love and Caring and that together with God/Love/Universe/Creator he was getting stronger and stronger and healthier and healthier.

And when I spoke to him I could feel from him, or see a picture of how he was feeling that day. Sometimes he would let me know, or I could feel that he was just exhausted. Sometimes I could feel he was just sending me loving back and then I started to feel, on some days, that he was feeling better. And then there started to be more and more better days. And then he was healed and the feleuk was gone.

 About a year later we moved out into the country and Tyrone grew about a foot. When I had first gotten him he was quite small and prone to illness but once he got well. He got Really Really Well. And I started calling him Jungle Kitty and he started staying out all night. But that is another story.

When Tyrone and I went through getting him well I remembered how to talk to The Animals again. And it wasn’t that I had ever really forgotten, or for that matter stopped hearing them. But I learned to really listen and my heart opened up and we could speak to each other and I could hear him, or see the pictures he was sending me very clearly.

Love and Light  

Christine and The Animals

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