Staying Out All Night

After Tyrone got well and we moved out to Rose and Zalman’s farm. Tyrone grew about a foot and started staying out all night. That was really tough. I used to stay up all night worrying about him.

So I decided I needed to do something about it. So one night while I was lying in bed feeling panicky that something bad was going to happen to him I said God, Tyrone please please somebody just give me a sign so that I know you are okay. I can’t live like this lying in bed all night worrying about you.

And then in my head I saw a picture of Tyrone crouched sitting in the bushes with his friends. And along with the picture came the thought; I’m okay mom, I’m sitting in the bushes with my friends, we’re fine. Stop worrying and go to sleep.

And I did, I said thank you Tyrone for letting me know you are okay and I fell asleep. And from that day on whenever Tyrone stayed out all night he would send me a message, show me where he was with a picture and let me know he was fine.

And if I wanted to know something from him I would send him a question from my head and heart and he would answer me and I was back in, talking to the animals. However as an adult I had a lot more to relearn and so my adventures with my Animal Family was just beginning.

 Love and Light And Lots of Love because that’s what it’s all about when your talking to your Animals.

Christine Kowal and The Animals

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