How To Solve Your Animal Problem

Still Small Voice Inside

The Still small voice inside. Love The way the Animals Communicate

You talk to the Animals from the still small voice inside of you that is the language of Love the language of truth, no lies, no manipulation, no leaving anything out to skew the truth otherwise they cannot hear you because they listen from the still small voice the love inside of them.

All of The Natural world: the Animals, all all of the earth, all of the water and sky live from the still small voice inside. All of the universe. The Pure white light Love God Creator Physics within. The language is the language from within. Some call it the language of the heart or love or universal language.

It doesn’t require words. The love that we feel emanating from our Animal family is that language.

God is shining through each and everyone of us when we are willing to go in and commune with the still small voice inside of us and allow ourselves to be guided to acts of love generosity and Kindness. I AM 

God is the Centre of my being God is at the centre of your being God is at the Centre of all living beings in all Universes All Creation. Your love is my love. I AM

You can see the light of the still small voice shining through the eyes of your Animals. You can see the light of God shining through all Animals.

The Animals speak to you through their eyes, through their bodies. Close your eyes ask them a question peace be still. I AM

When I live from the God flowing through me and as the centre of my being peace be still my life is an extraordinary place lived by grace I AM  #inthebeginning

The still small voice inside of every living being is the place from which all of the Animals and all of the Natural World live. Man has separated himself the majority of time. However this is the place, this is the silence from where we meet up with the Animals and the trees and the rest of the Natural World to understand on another through God through Love through Kindness, through Generosity.

The Animals all speak this language of Love, Universal language As do we when our entranceway is Love. I have worked with hundreds of people with their Animals and primarily when people want a better life for their Animals and themselves they open their heart and they are willing to go deep inside to allow out their love. 

The Animals live by the still small voice inside that is what they listen to when we speak the God still small voice inside of them is connected to the God still small voice in us. When you are having a problem with your Animals you have to sit down with them and talk to them about it.

Whatever you need from them you must sit down and explain everything and you must be completely honest and upright about what is going on, what you need and why because the moment you speak and untruth or use a manipulation you disconnect your heart centre from theirs and they are no longer listening. That is how we speak to the Animals and that is how we understand them.

A Powerful Story

A woman told me about her two cats. They did not like to go to the vet. And they always had to go in their cat carriers when they went to the vet which they didn’t like. Then one day the older cat got very sick and was put in the cat carrier and it was that cats time so the cat was euthanized.

The cat that was left became terrified of the cat carrier and refused to go in. His family member had gone in the horrible cat carrier and returned dead.

She had to devise all kinds of schemes to try and get the terrified cat into the carrier for her yearly shots and finally it became that the woman would just start thinking about it and the cat would start to hide. The cat was connected to the still small voice inside herself and inside her mom.

So I told the woman you have to sit down with your cat and be absolutely and completely honest explain that it was time for the other cat to go to heaven or into spirit or whatever her belief system was.

But that mummy needed to take( this cat (her baby) name, what ever you call them) now into the vet for her shots which she got every year, And to do that she had to go inside the cat cab because that was the safest way to travel.

I said explain everything to her only the truth, no lies, no trick, no manipulation.

The next time I saw her she said they hadn’t gone to the vet yet but the very next day after their talk she came home and her cat was sitting in the cat cab waiting for her.

Think about if somebody wants you to do something that’s difficult and they explain exactly why and you can do it then it is not so difficult as opposed to they want you to do something difficult and they try and trick you into it.

The difficult just became impossible because who knows what could happen.

Treat your animals and speak to them the way you would want to be treated and spoken to from the still small voice the love inside of one living being to the Love inside of another living being.

And never lie, remember never lie. When you lie you become disconnected from the still small voice inside of you, the love inside of you and your Animals can no longer hear you.

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