Feel The Love Wednesday Christine Kowal Animal Family The Donkey Christmas Story


This is the story of The Christmas Donkey and also the story of Mama, Papa and Baby Donkey. The Donkey we speak of as the first Christmas donkey lived in Nazareth and was a long long time ago ancestor of Mama Papa and Baby Donkey.

The pictures are of course of Mama Papa and Baby Donkey they are my friends and neighbours.

This is the handsome Papa Donkey. And his given name is Jack.

This is mama donkey and her given name is Jenny or Jennet.

When I first met Mama and Papa Donkey Baby Donkey was still in his mama’s tummy. But it was not long before he was born.

When Baby Donkey came along he stayed very close to his mother’s side. Mama and Papa Donkey are very protective of Baby Donkey. The three fo them never stray far from one another. Mama and Papa Donkey are always taking care. Baby Donkey is very well loved by his parents.

Mama Papa and Baby Donkey belong to the neighbours but really they belong to God. And Mama and Papa and Baby Donkey have a beautiful history.

Their ancestors long ago carried  Mother Mary with the Baby Jesus inside, with Joseph by their side to Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born.

The Animals are Gods helpers on Earth. They teach us about unconditional love and peace. After being around Animals people often feel more at peace with themselves. They can feel the love inside of themselves, their truth. their connection to their higher power, God. Thank you God for baby Jesus. And Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us and coming back so that we can live forever. Love inside and out.

Papa Donkey

Mama Donkey and Baby Donkey And I, Christine Kowal and The Animals Wish You a Safe and Wonderful Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and Happy Holidays. Lots of Love

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