Life Is A Miracle

‘KoKo Dressed As A Reindeer’ 24″ x 36″oil paint on canvas

The story I told about Zalman and me working at the barn when the escaped hounds arrived is such an Amazing story to me. Because when he came back down to the barn after calling hound rescue. And they were going to be there in about 15 minutes to pick up there dogs.

Zalman was Amazed to see me holding the dogs altogether and he said to me,  “you have a gift you have to learn how to use it out in the world to help others. ”

First, all of the love I had for the Animals was validated as being an important part of the everything, and my gifts that were different from what was considered “the norm” were being validated and the thought of doing what I loved with those I loved, the Animals was kind of mind boggling. And Zalman and Rose  who I had a great deal of love and respect for were validating my gifts.

Love and Respect Yourself first, be yourself in the world and then Love and Respect those you Love, That is what the Animals do.

Someone I loved and respected had just given me that gift of this understanding. Life is full of Miracles if you are able to open yourself there they are and we are experiencing them each and everyday.

“Visiting With Santa” 24″ x 30″ oil paint on canvas

My world was changed from that moment on. I new I could do it. I wasn’t quite sure what it was yet but I new it involved me and the Animals and others/the rest of the world, the Animal loving world. And maybe along the way we’d teach others to understand, We Love You Christine Kowal And The Animals.


Talking Without Out-loud Words

‘Sisters’ 11″ x 14″ mixed media on Stonehenge paper

You know when you are thinking of somebody and the phone rings and it is them, that is the two of you sending out a message/thought and then one of you physically picking up the phone and making the call.

You don’t have to talk out loud to your Animal Family member for them to hear you.

You know when you are working or doing something and all of a sudden you think I should give Chester a treat. That is Chester sending you a message that you should think about giving him a treat.

It is best to practice face to face first. So sit down in front of your dog/ cat whom ever you are talking to, in your head say their name first and then ask them if they would like a treat or say something to them. See if you get an answer back a feeling or thought or picture in your head. And keep doing it. As we start communicating more openly with our Animals, they love it. Our hearts open wider and we can speak to our Animals when ever we want. But the conversation needs to be two way if you want open communication. So keep practicing.

Our Animals are constantly sending us messages. Sometimes I will be away from home and working on something and all of a sudden Leo pops into my head. That’s Leo sending me a love message, or sometimes I feel him wondering when I will be home then I just send him a little love message back. Mummy loves you I will be home in three hours/fifteen minutes/ I’m almost there. Whatever the correct answer is.

We are all always communicating with our Animals, often we simply don’t realize that it is communication we think it is our own thoughts. Start responding and see what pops into your head.

And our Animals are love Inside. So if you are having negative thoughts those are not your animals. Those are your own thoughts, time to clean house. What you focus on is what you draw to you. Create a positive story.

Lots of Love Christine and The Animals, We Love Christmas. Christmas Eve at our house is celebrating Christmas with the Animals

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays. Be Safe.

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