Feel The Love Wednesday It’s All About Love

‘Delilah’ I trust and Respect Myself I Urge You to Trust and Respect Yourself too I am Strength and I am Power I Lead with Peace Power is my sister’
Acrylic paint and mixed media on paper 9″ x 12″

The Animals have been my greatest teachers. They all have special gifts to share with us as we have special gifts to share with them, and one another. I start by trying to see the good or love inside of everyone like the animals do. Sometimes I give in to fear and worry and then I am not coming from that place of peace, God, Love, Universe, Creator inside of me and that is never good. I am sorry for that. But then I come home to my Animal Family, I feel their Love and know that I will do better.

Love and Light to Everybody
Love and Respect Yourself, Love and Respect Others2018 is All About Loving and Respecting Yourself and then Loving and Respecting the World around You.

XO Christine and The Animals

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