Maxy Was Going To Eat That Bunny

Now if you notice in the front are bunny tracks with  Maxy’s tracks following, in pursuit. Maxy was a big beautiful, white black and burnt orange, very strong and very agile dog.

I woke on that incredibly beautiful morning and I was sitting having my coffee  and right in front of my window I see a bunny go by and Maxy hot on her trail. I was mortified. I ran next door where Rose and Zalman were also having their morning coffee. “We have to go out and get Maxy, she’s chasing a bunny.”

They both looked at me, then at each other and I could see it pass between them. How do we tell her?

“Umm that’s what Maxy does. She chases bunnies, sometimes, she catches them and sometimes they get a way. There’s really nothing we can do about it, it’s part of living out here.”

Rose and Zalman had a 75 acre hobby farm. And a good portion of it was forest and bush. The dogs usually stayed by the house and they didn’t go to the road which was quite a ways away. But sometimes they went off to play in the field or forest.

They were trying to explain it to me gently. I was listening but at the same time my city mind was going I love Rose and Zalman but you’ve got to be kidding me, there is No Way, WE HAVE TO SAVE THE BUNNY.

So I went back to my apartment Ready to take action. I thought about what Zalman had said. “You’re welcome to go after them but they’re long gone by now, by the time you get out there you’ll never find them.” As I got dressed in winter gear and stepped outside.

I looked around it was still and beautiful and white. All that was left of Maxy and bunny were their prints on the trail infront of my window.

I came back inside and asked God. I always talk to God, It makes my life a lot easier and better. I said God what do I do and I got nothing. As in, do nothing. I was flummoxed. I thought I was going to get a plan or steps to take. Those bread crumbs our inner knowing or God inside of us gives us. And instead I got do nothing.

The reason I am telling you this story is that to truly talk to and understand your animals you have to learn to connect with your higher power within. That is your all knowing place. And to do as it tells you, or how it feels. Ignore what the outside world tells you.

That is where the Animals live. And that is how and where we connect with them. From our higher power within.

Ignore what the outside world is saying and listen to your inner world. And Love + Respect = Unconditional Love.

I had to respect both Maxy and the bunny’s life style. Living out in the country, and realize that there are places that are not mine to go.

We have to love and respect the animals for their knowing for who they are and not just what we want or expect from them, or what we want things to look like for everyone else.

Love and Light Christine And The Animals