What The Highlander Taught Me

First it’s good to be back. We’re having a lot of wind today. Crazy wind. I’ve always thought of wind as God. I love the wind. Caleb’s all in, as long as he’s being carried. And Shannon loves it.

Let me introduce you to a friend of ours. We see her regularly on our walks. 

She’s pretty beautiful , for those of you who don’t know, although I know many of you do, she’s a Highlander Cow. And she’s got friends that hang with her. But she always has a special nod for those that go by her. 

I of course always talk to and wave and nod to all of the Animals that I see. The other highlander cows told me I talk to much, make too much noise and movement trying to get their attention.

So one day Caleb, Shannon and I were out. I was upset that day and so I had stopped and she was looking at me with that beautiful strong gaze and then I felt it. I felt and saw her Love Light Spirit expand out of her and move towards and into me. 

You know that way Animals make you feel good. But she was showing me how to do it. I’d forgotten I used to do that years ago. 

You can start by closing your eyes and feeling the energy/Love Light God, Breath, Your word, inside of your body then you think of it expanding in your body and then out of your body. 
And once you’ve done it a few times, it takes a bit of practice it feels really good. I’ll do a blog post on it  another time and explain it better.

She expanded her love and light spirit outside of her body to make me feel better. And to teach me how the Highlanders like to be greeted and understood. Thank you good friend.

As I work on living from that still small voice inside of me, I AM. I realize I’ve spent a great deal of my life not living that way, though thinking I was living that way but actually being the proverbial bull in the china shop. Maybe it should be the proverbial human in the china shop.

I AM / YOU ARE God Love Light Holy Sprit Inside. I am working on living from the God, your word, inside of me every moment of everyday. Like my friend the Highlander does.

And like my Kids do

Love And Light 

Christine Kowal And The Animals